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Ocular Rosacea Conditioning Cleanser

Usage Methods

  • On cotton balls to remove eye make-up safely while actively de-sensitizing the eyes;
  • Warm the supplied eye pads in a basin of water and press out excess fluid. Then trickle a small amount over eye pads, place them on closed eyes and allow to work for approximately 10 minutes.

Use whenever make-up needs to be removed, and as often as needed as warm soothing pads.

Treatment Effects

  • Relieves tired eyes and strained, irritated eye lids.
  • Gently purifying and conditioning to improve texture and skin grain.
  • Gently decongests and soothes the eye area.
  • Assists re-hydration of delicate or parched skin.


Suitable for contact lens wearers.


This product is available to the general public without registration.

Also available as part of the Ocular Rosacea Treatment Set.

100 mL

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