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Rosacea Serum (Hydrating_

Beyond the age of 25, all facial skin may be functionally and cosmetically enhanced through supplementary hydration.

Adults with problem-free skin may choose from the seemingly endless array of readily available moisturizers with the assurance that the formula they choose will produce, at the very least, less dry skin.

In contrast, most rosacea patients experience considerable difficulty in finding a cosmetically elegant rosacea moisturizer which performs evenly, reliably and without hampering absorption or performance of any topical medications.

An ideal moisturizer for rosacea patients will provide a substantial increase in skin's moisture levels in a manner which lasts throughout the day, avoids adding to any already present excess facial oil, and excludes any ingredients which may provoke an inflammatory response.

In formulating Rosacea Hydrating Serum, the Clinic has opted for a unique formula aimed at providing complete satisfaction to patients with rosaceous skins of all types.

Hydrating Serum can be considered the inverse of a typical moisturizer.

Moisturizers routinely comprise almost completely of inert, bulk emollient filler and a small amount of additional purportedly active ingredients, which probably serve a greater role in marketing than any bona-fide and measurable therapeutic benefit.

As a vastly superior replacement for conventional moisturizers, Hydrating Serum contains 85% natural humectant (sodium hyaluronate) in a base of penetration-enhancing deionized, purified water and soothing panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5).

Sodium hyaluronate is used because it's the principle substance the skin uses to maintain moisture, in addition to the body's internal water (the skin's only true hydrator) and its natural secretions.

Because sodium hyaluronate is "skin native," the potential for side effects is as minimal as humanly possible.

Sodium hyaluronate's biological role was established in the 1930s, and contrary to many cosmetic ingredients, its use is not a fleeting trend.


Summary of Hydrating Serum's benefits for rosacea patients of all ages and skin types:

  • 85% pharmaceutical grade sodium hyaluronate — a concentration around 170 times more generous and with better skin uptake than cosmetic grade sodium hyaluronate;
  • Allows your skin to attract and retain water (both from the body, and from the atmosphere), reducing or eliminating dependence on less natural moisturizers;
  • Oil-free serum texture (light, aqueous gel) ensures rapid absorption and produces no shine, but is markedly more moisturizing and durable than the heaviest of moisturizers;
  • Improves penetration and delivery of other active ingredients to the dermis, helping improve the performance of metronidazole, azelaic acid and other topical medications.
  • Instantly smooths rough or bumpy skin texture;
  • Allows any skin type, including excessively oily, to obtain its maximum possible natural moisturization;
  • As an interstitial constituent of connective tissue cells, sodium hyaluronate plumps up facial skin, making it appear firmer and more supple at the same time;
  • Instantly mitigates any environmentally or drug-induced skin dryness;
  • Provides a small pro-Vitamin dose to enhance healing;
  • Ultra-pure and "skin native" formulation, suitable for use over the entire facial skin, including under the eyes;
  • May be used alone, or directly under any other moisturizer to dramatically increase its performance (very effective in improving cosmetic wear and tone of thicker moisturizers).

For further information, including notes and instructions for using Hydrating Serum with other forms of rosacea treatment, generic cosmetics and topical medications, please see the Rosacea Hydrating Serum comprehensive notes.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Tuesday, 20 July 2010.

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