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Queries Regarding "Oxygen Facials" for Rosacea

Oxygen Facial

Patients frequently ask about the merit of "oxygen facials" in the treatment of rosacea.

Just around the corner from the clinic in Port Melbourne is a conventional beauty salon with a twist known as the Oxygen Skin Centre, the likely stimulus behind many of these questions.

Oxygen facials involve the spraying of pressurized oxygen over the skin, usually in combination with purportedly anti-wrinkle serums, which are claimed to work more effectively when used in combination with the method.

Hopelessly, combining antioxidants with oxygen can not only be expected to deplete or outright destroy the potential benefits of these ingredients, but forcing oxygen on skin will increase it's free radical burden and production, which leads to inflammation and aging.

The basic concept of an antioxidant is revealed by the word itself, which means a substance which inhibits oxidation (to counteract deterioration). Oxidation refers to a process of being chemically combined with oxygen.

Diffusion or outright negation of truth and reality appears to be a primary service of the beauty industry, which incredulously does nothing to actually protect the health of people's skins.

Apart from oxygen facials, patients should be aware that most products marketed as antioxidants are similarly disingenuous, having already combined with oxygen (oxidized) prior to use or having been formulated to have no bioavailability (usability) to skin in the first place.

Antioxidants are inherently unstable and must always be used fresh, having been protected from oxygen, and will likely have a relatively short shelf-life if they have a chance at being effective.

Combining antioxidants with pressurized oxygen, or adding oxygen to skin in the form of oxygen facials, is thoughtless and irresponsible.

Any reported benefits of oxygen facials are likely due to their hydrating or relaxing effects, which should not be confused with actual material benefit to skin.

You may like to refer to the following articles for further related information: Oxygen Skin Care Products and Procedures Are Always A Scam (MD); Biomedic Potent-C (discussion regarding use of oxidized Vitamin C products) (MD); Discussion of Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Samples (MD); Storing Skinceuticals Antioxidants (MD).

As an aside, we do not generally recommend the Skinceuticals Antioxidants, particularly in Australia, where they are routinely in an oxidized state before opening.

Oxygen Facials are popularly offered at several beauty salons and spas and are the basis behind brands including Karin Herzog and O2 Intraceuticals.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Friday, 30 April 2010.

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