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How To Choose and Apply Eye Makeup in Ocular Rosacea

Contrary to advice in days gone by medical makeup for ocular rosacea can enhance quality  of life. Application technique can help protect against ocular rosacea symptoms.

Ocular rosacea (rosacea of the eyes) affects many patients with facial rosacea. A minority of patients have ocular rosacea with no facial involvement. While medical therapies can address many aspects of ocular rosacea, redness and visible capillaries around the eyes can remain. Eye makeup can instantly improve the appearance of rosacea-prone eyes, however eye makeup has generally not been recommended to patients due to irritation concerns. If you treat and prepare your eyes appropriately, choose suitable eye makeup and apply it as recommended below there will be no risk of sensitizing your skin and worsening your rosacea.

Suitable Eye Makeup for Ocular Rosacea

In the initial stages of ocular rosacea treatment — if the eyes are still inflamed — it is best to avoid eye makeup.

After stabilizing the ocular rosacea the selection criteria for eye makeup is stringent but straightforward: fragrance-free, preservative-free and non-comedogenic.

Gentle eye care, including cleansing, serums for ocular rosacea and warm compresses can help treat ocular rosacea.

Preparing Your Eyes

The skin around the eyes is 4-6 times thinner than the rest of the body and is unusually sensitive in ocular rosacea.

The use of unsuitable products around the eyes will lead to redness, dryness, itching, swelling, burning and blood-shot eyes.

There will be some inevitable migration of skin care products applied to the face into the area around the eyes, so these should also be chosen with care.

Ideal eye care forms the basis for effective ocular rosacea treatment and management.

In some instances canceling exposure to inappropriate products is all that is required to eliminate symptoms.

If you wear contact lenses, remove these before doing anything to your eyes.

Cleanse AM and PM Without Fail

Twice daily cleansing of the eye area is critical. If you are prone to ocular rosacea and neglect to do this you will find your eye area is more susceptible to deterioration.

Never leave makeup of any kind on overnight and never use makeup removal wipes!

To cleanse the skin around the eyes, use products with light oil-free textures in liquid form and not two-phase or greasy products such as Ponds Cold Cream as these will tend to seep into the eyes (either while cleansing or due to the residues they leave behind) and cause swollen eyelids and irritation.

The Ocular Rosacea Conditioning Cleanser has been formulated to safely cleanse and hydrate the eye area. It contains anti-inflammatories and antioxidants which help refresh, decongest and reduce redness while flattening and refining swollen or irritated skin texture. This product also has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect which reduces the impact of demodex on ocular rosacea and helps prevent the transfer of irritating oil and bacteria from the hands to the eyes.

Keeping eyelids and lashes clean helps keep tear glands functioning well.

Apply a soft, warm single-use compress to your eyes after rinsing away cleanser for up to 5 minutes and finish by using it to very gently disturb the base of the lashes and the corner of the eyes. This step is particularly important if you are prone to eye infections.

Soothing serum for ocular rosacea used in preparation of eye makeup in rosacea patients.

Treat, Protect and Prime

Mornings and evenings, treat the skin around the eye (including the eyelids) with a delicate and fine-textured hydrating and protective product which improves comfort, skin texture and resistance of the eyes against external aggressions. A product such as Ocular Rosacea Soothing Serum provides hydrating, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits without suffocating or overloading the skin.

In the morning, after cleansing, compresses and the application of serum, apply a soothing skin primer to the eye area (particularly the eye lids). In conjunction with the Ocular Rosacea Soothing Serum the primer will help unify and eliminate the appearance of imperfections such as visible capillaries and redness.

The hydrating and skin-refining effect of the serum combined with the cosmetic canvas provided by the primer will enhance the appearance and wear of subsequently applied colour cosmetics.

Colour Cosmetics for Ocular Rosacea

Finish with the application of a suitable colour-correcting cosmetic such as La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Corrective Pen in green and/or an eye shadow such as La Roche-Posay Respectissime Ombre Douce (which combines a suitable primer with two harmonious colours).

Makeup for Ocular Rosacea: La Roche-Posay Respectissime Ombre Douce Eye Shadows.

Apply the green-tinted shade Smoky Vert first and optionally follow with Smoky Gris, Smoky Brun or a neutral/white shade rather than a yellow or orange shade.

The green tint of these products helps optically counteract redness.

These two products are free of fragrance, preservatives and will not cause acne or aggravate sensitive eyes.

They are not available outside of Europe however we import them and they may be purchased at cost by existing patients.

Alternatively, you may be able to purchase them online through a European retailer such as a pharmacy or apothecary.

Coordinate lip shade with a preference for neutral colours to reduce the redness of ocular rosacea.

To ensure product has not expired and is genuine please purchase them through an authorized retailer and not through Ebay.

Coordinate Your Lips

More neutral lip colours will downplay the look of redness. Bright red shades and glistening lip glosses heighten the appearance of red skin and eyes.

Adopt Calming Techniques

Treating the skin gently involves ideal product selection in addition to careful technique.

When cleansing and applying products you should avoid pulling and tugging on the eyes.

If you use water-resistant or water-proof makeup, such as mascara and many mineral makeups, avoid overworking your eyes when removing these products.

The Rosacea Pre-Cleansing Emulsifier is a safe and effective remover of more persistent and oil-based makeup suitable use in ocular rosacea. Apply to the eye area with cotton wool, rinse and follow with the Ocular Rosacea Conditioning Cleanser.

Professional make up brushes tend not to harbour bacteria and make for more gentle application suited to ocular rosacea.

For more information about this method, see Double-Cleansing for More Clear and Calm Skin.

Makeup Brushes and Sponges

Oil and bacteria on the hands can irritate the skin, so avoid applying makeup with anything less than scrupulously clean fingertips.

If you prefer using your fingers cleansing the eye area with Ocular Rosacea Conditioning Cleanser will simultaneously help eliminate irritating traces on the hands.

High-quality makeup brushes are gentle on the skin and are much less prone to harbouring bacteria than sponges.

Replace Eye Makeup Regularly

Please submit questions and comments regarding ocular rosacea makeup.

Particularly if you are prone to eye infections, replace your eye makeup every 4 months.

Can You Recommend Makeup for Rosacea?

Do you have any experience with makeup for sensitive skin?

If you have any makeup techniques or products which you would like to recommend or inquire about we would appreciating you letting us know by posting on our Facebook Wall:


La Roche-Posay Makeup

Toleriane Teint Redness Corrective Pen


Ombre Douce Smoky Vert


Ombre Douce Smoky Gris


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Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Sunday, 22 December 2013.

Further Information: How To Choose and Apply Eye Makeup in Ocular Rosacea :


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