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Recent news stories have highlighted a causative role of demodex mites in rosacea, however the association was first made more than 60 years ago.

Demodex mites in humans, discovered in the 1840s, preferentially inhabit the facial skin. The microscopic mites reside in follicles and pores.

A related mite occurs in animals where it can cause hair/fur loss and skin breakdown.

This usually only occurs in immune-compromised animals.

Studies have suggested that demodex mites are more prevalent in patients with rosacea, HIV, children with leukemia and those taking drugs which suppress the immune system.

Demodex in rosacea is not well-studied and treatment reports have indicated positive, negative and neutral results.

Demodex and/or their by-products may cause or worsen inflammation in rosacea to an extent varying greatly between patients.

There are a number of daily care options available to help reduce demodex count.

The Rosacea Anti-Inflammatory Foaming Cleanser contains ingredients which have been suggested as helping to control both demodex and inflammation.

Demodex mites feed on sebum deep within follicles and pores which is not removed by routine cleansing.

Massaging in Rosacea Pre-Cleansing Emulsifier before the Rosacea Anti-Inflammatory Foaming Cleanser helps solubilize and lift these oils to remove them as a food source. The effect is not drying.

This method is referred to as "double-cleansing."

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Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Thursday, 26 June 2014.


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