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About Rosacea Cleansing and pH

Virtually every cleanser on the market is based on inexpensive alkaline surfactants identical to those found in dishwashing detergent.

Meanwhile, healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH.

Some cosmetics companies have claimed that the skin is pH neutral, but this is erroneous.

By shifting the skin's pH (to be either too acidic or too alkaline), symptoms of itching, dryness and excess oil production occur.

Rosacea patients benefit greatly from avoiding alkaline and heavily foaming facial cleansers.

The Clinic provides two rosacea cleansers attuned precisely to the needs of rosacea patients, both of which are suited to all skin types.

  1. Rosacea Oil Free Purifying Gel Cleanser — provides deep cleansing and light hydration, without residue, and is generally preferred by rosacea patients with oilier or congested skin characteristics;

  2. Rosacea De-Sensitizing Cleansing Emulsion — provides deep cleansing and greater rehydration than the Oil Free Purifying Gel Cleanser, and is generally preferred by rosacea patients with drier skin types.

Ideal use is to alternate both cleansers, using one in the morning and the other in the evening, or one more than the other depending on the skin's daily needs.

For further information, see What Is The Best Way To Cleanse?

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Tuesday, 14 May 2013.

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