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Avoid Beauty Therapy/Spa Therapy

Melbourne Dermatology's cosmetic site, "Treatment Skincare" currently features the brief article "Impact of Beauty Therapy on Patients' Skins" as part of an extended series, "Skin Care Failure."

Although intended to inform a general audience, rosacea patients would do very well to heed its advice directly.

Rosacea patients attempting to treat, protect and enhance their skins through beauty therapy do poorly because most skin care treatments employed by beauticians/aestheticians are either:

  • therapeutically wrong-headed or biased from the outset;

  • mildly but nevertheless considerably subclinically irritating by virtue of fragrance, heavy preservative content and a plethora of other general formulation characteristics not well-suited to inflammatory skin disorders;

  • considerably irritating due to over manipulation of the skin by therapeutically-redundant or overtly pro-inflammatory ingredients.

Moreover skin treatment and maintenance regimes tend to be poorly thought out and appear to be deliberately complicated, possibly to assist sales of fashionable but otherwise useless "accessory" skin care products.

Whatever its alternate purpose, woe is beauty therapy for rosacea treatment.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Friday, 7 May 2010.

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