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Removing Dry Skin in Rosacea

Removing Dry Skin in Rosacea

Visibly dry and flaking skin requiring physical removal is a frequent occurrence in rosacea patients.

Removing dry skin in rosacea eliminates any obvious flakes, but also removes dry skin which (while often not obviously flaky) is the primary rapidly treatable source of fine lines, irregular skin tone and texture.

A build up of dry skin also fosters visibly open pores and delayed resolution of rosacea pimples, papules and pustules by slowing the rate at which skin renews.

Irregular skin texture and a build up of dead skin cells also prevents:

  • all topical rosacea treatments and medications from reaching optimal levels of activity, as dead and dry skin is a hardened barrier against their absorption;

  • poor cosmetic wear of rosacea sunscreens and rosacea make-up, as dead and dry skin does not provide an even skin surface for their application.

Removing dry skin in rosacea therefore provides a broad range of desirable therapeutic outcomes pertaining not only to overt rosacea symptoms and their treatment, but also to:

  • reducing visible signs of aging;

  • generally improving the health and appearance of skin.

For years, patients have expressed a desire to remove this dry skin at home.

Advances in medical cosmetic technologies now allow for the therapeutic removal of dry skin in rosacea at home.

Rosacea Micro Exfoliating Cream is a new and optimal way in which to remove dry skin, precisely attuned to the needs of rosacea patients with any one or more of sensitive skin, a generally reactive complexion or broken capillaries.

Author: Gina Verginis.

Reviewed: Friday, 7 November 2008.

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