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Invisible Daylight Exposure Produces Dry Skin in Rosacea

Solar Spectrum Highlighting UVA and UVB: Invisible Daylight Exposure Produces Dry Skin in Rosacea>

The sun produces a range of different "types" of light:

  • visible,
  • invisible,
  • heating and
  • non-heating.

Invisible heatless daylight from the sun is ultimately a major cause of dry skin in rosacea.

Preventing facial skin from absorbing UVA and UVB (ultraviolet, invisible, cold) daylight is primarily important in preventing a range of rosacea symptoms including the development of permanently dry skin.

Invisible daylight is ubiquitous between sunrise and sunset:

  • Invisible daylight is essentially as deleterious to skin's function and cosmetic appearance in winter as it is in summer.

  • Please do not consider tanning, direct or "warm" sun exposure as the only time at which to use sunscreens to prevent worsening rosacea — you require them all year round, even on cold and cloudy winter days.

The light which worsens rosacea, producing symptoms such as hard-to-treat dry skin, cannot be seen or felt, nevertheless it leaves a signature on your skin's future.

Negative consequences of not having protected the skin from invisible daylight become more outwardly obvious and harder to manage over time.

Unprotected invisible daylight exposure produces skin which is thinner, rougher, drier and less elastic than skin which has been consistently and comprehensively protected from daylight.

Changes in your epidermis (the uppermost visible and tactile layer of your skin) are those primarily responsible for the appearance and texture of "dry skin."

The preliminary cause of this damage is thought to be the activation of oxygen in skin cells by light, the outcome of which is permanent alterations in skin's function and structure due to modifications to skin's DNA.

Suitable rosacea moisturizers, such as Rosacea Hydrating Serum and Rosacea Treatment Cream, reduce these symptoms of dry skin, however there is no permanent cure for the aspects of dry skin in rosacea that arise due to unprotected daylight exposure.

To prevent or forestall further worsening of dry skin in rosacea, make optimal rosacea sunscreen use a daily habit because even brief and infrequent exposure adds up over time.

For further information, see Rosacea Sunscreens and Dry Skin.

Berneburg M., Plettenberg H., Krutmann J. Photoaging of Human Skin. Photodermatol Photoimmunol Photomed. 2000; 16: 239—44.

Chronic sun exposure causes photoaging of human skin, a process that is characterized by clinical, histological and biochemical changes which differ from alterations in chronologically aged but sun-protected skin. Within recent years, substantial progress has been made in unraveling the underlying mechanisms of photoaging. Induction of matrix metalloproteinases as a consequence of activator protein (AP)-1 and nuclear factor (NF)-KB activation as well as mutations of mitochondrial DNA have been identified recently. This has increased our understanding of photoaging significantly and has led to new prophylactic and therapeutic strategies aimed at the prevention and repair of the detrimental effects of chronic sun-exposure on the skin.

Dept of Dermatology, Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf Germany.

Author: Gina Verginis.

Reviewed: Thursday, 6 May 2010.

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