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For Rosacea Patient Avoidance...

For Rosacea Patient Avoidance... <i>

The time in which to commence effective rosacea treatment is not unlimited.

Anything less than optimal care secures a permanently worse prognosis.

For a vastly superior outcome and a chance at durable remission, sustain your skin with the uninterrupted momentum of forever avoiding what is known not to work.

Over a decade of clinical experience derives the following list outlining the prime means by which rosacea patients fail to realize meaningful and durable results from therapy, effectively securing for themselves a worse, potentially devastating prognosis.

While not all patients with early rosacea symptoms will go on to develop advanced rosacea symptoms, spontaneous remission is rare in the extreme, and at best, improper, incomplete and inconsistent rosacea treatment produces mild but fundamentally irreversible disease progression.

Rosacea patients that do best have a commitment to realistic, utterly compliant evidence-based, unrelenting rosacea treatment and management over the long term.

Rosacea patients that do poorly over time effect any one or more of the following to some degree:

  1. Delaying treatment — the absence of any or the correct rosacea treatment allows rosacea to progress and produce permanent, worsening rosacea symptoms;

  2. Ignorance of the realities of the skin and capillaries — allowing for a slew of natural and imprecise treatments known not to provide benefit to delay or permanently forestall best practice rosacea treatment, producing permanent physical detriment to skin's functioning;

  3. Reliance on Beauty Therapy/Aestheticians — while usually well-meaning, for rosacea patients these professions are therapeutically wrong-headed and biased by profit concerns which negate the possibility of actual care;

  4. Reliance on Department Stores — the pitfalls are the same as those of beauty therapy, but with even greater therapeutic paucity; department store skincare is purpose-made to moisturize pleasantly and provide purely purported benefit — furthermore, it is typically heavily fragranced and preserved;

  5. Sourcing of Support from Rosacea Discussion Forums — these are an entirely inefficient means by which to seek information and confuse treatment to waste irretrievable time;

  6. Utilization of "Sensitive Skin Care" — rosacea patients typically have sensitive skin, however their needs are distinct from sensitive skin alone; sensitive skin care may be pleasant, and may seem more suitable than past options, however does little or anything substantially positive to limit disease progression;

  7. Endless Sampling of Skin Care Products — the skin requires at least 28 days to regenerate once in entirety, and the capillaries 4 months or longer, accordingly rosacea patients are unable to determine the actual benefit of skin care products by sampling them, indeed they frequently miss the most desirable of rosacea skin care by making entirely unrealistic and haphazard assessments of products on the basis of far too few applications;

  8. Early Change/Discontinuation of Treatment — as per short-term sampling of skin care products, divergent and early termination of skin care and laser treatment aborts the potential for success, securing a poorer long-term prognosis by delaying or diluting what must inevitably be done for actual benefit;

  9. Avoidance of Finer Details — prescribed protocols must be followed to the letter; seemingly small modifications to daily care and omissions in specialist care refute described results and can, in some cases, produce irreversible deterioration by changing skin's behaviour in a manner which is undesirable in the absence of a treatment's conclusion;

  10. Avoidance of Correct Sunscreen Use — the wrong sunscreening agents and the wrong sunscreen use is either irritating or inadequate to prevent disease progression (refer Rosacea Sunscreens) ;

  11. Non-Treatment of Emotional Factors — hormonal and physical in reality, stress is a substantial rosacea trigger and irrational thought produces and supports incorrect rosacea treatment.

Author: Peter Wilson.

Reviewed: Sunday, 2 December 2012.

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